How to have your prayers answered before you even ask!

Discover the power of letting go through Timeless Forgiveness and Love.

Forgiveness and love are like gates that, when opened, reveal a new reality of answered Prayers.

If your life is stuck, full of fear, resentment, sadness, or just not progressing the way you would like, then you’re not experiencing the miracle of life through true spiritual love and forgiveness. To truly get what you want from life, to have those prayers answered, you need to go much deeper.

The problem is that we think we know what forgiveness and love are. And we do, in a way. But as beings in time and space, we are often limited in the depth of how well we understand forgiveness and love.

To really open the doors, the floodgates, of answered prayers and healing, we have to take our understanding deeper. We have to take our understanding to the place beyond time and space. We have to understand forgiveness and love from a timeless perspective.

The true, deeper esoteric understanding of both forgiveness and love has been lost over the years. When we rediscover these secret teachings, we have new tools to grow in our understanding of ourselves and others. And when we can do this, we start to see major shifts in people, in communities, and in humanity as a whole.

For generations, we thought the sun went around the moon and that the earth was flat. People were afraid to sail too far for fear of falling off the earth. But when we found out the real truth of our reality, everything changed! Now we sail and cruise around the world and have lots of fun doing it while expanding our horizons.

In a similar way, we limit  our experience of true forgiveness and love. But when we get closer to the truth of what these words mean, we can expand the horizons of our experience on earth in an incredibly fulfilling way.

A few years ago, I did a DVD on forgiveness and love. It was a best-seller, highly successful, and many people wrote to me to let me know how it helped them. Some people were even crying telling me the changes that had happened in them and their family’s lives. One woman bought another DVD because he brother had taken her DVD because after he watched it he had slept a full night for the first time in years.

I wanted to help more people, so I started working towards refreshing the product. I thought it would be a quick update, however, my understanding in recent years of forgiveness and love, and our attitudes towards those words had expanded far beyond my understanding nearly a decade ago.

I decided to create a completely new product based on these new understandings, yet I am keeping the initial goal of forgiveness and love, and instilling new thoughts of expanded comprehension and deeper esoteric practices into the product.


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Mark’s Forgiveness and Love meditation was an amazing experience.  Not only did it feel wonderful in my body – calm, relaxed –  as I listened to the meditation, I also felt differently – more loving, connected and close – to the person I was meditating about – and that was on the first listen!  I really loved the feeling of being in the Omni position – what a great perspective.  The instructions are clear and easy-to-follow and Mark’s voice is soothing as I listened.  I look forward to following the meditation again and focusing on other people and things in my life to forgive and love.
Christine K.

Your voice is incredibly relaxing, soothing and comforting. It makes me want to hear hear more, even regardless of the content. I love the way you provide excellent definitions of terms, which can, in and of itself, result in a shift of internal state.
I also really like the way you weave concepts from NLP, Hypnosis and a variety of spiritual traditions into the material. I recognize them instantly, and yet they’re often presented in a context, framework and perspective that’s new for me and that opens unexpected levels of understanding.
Gordon S.

This program is incredibly soothing to the heart. It definitely brought up some uncomfortable feelings about me and my past self more than anything because I don’t have really anything built up inside about others. After going through the different states, I find that the pain built up really flowing through my chest area and it slips through really effortlessly.
This is some of the best material I’ve heard from you, Mark. It’s a brilliantly done piece of work, as far as the intended effects it really hits the mark. It really helps soothe clogged up emotional stuff. It’s worked so well on certain areas of my life, I think I need to work on some other areas, too. Thanks for a brilliant, smooth, and effective program.

Timeless Forgiveness and Love

 Timeless Forgiveness and Love DVD – Download

The product consists of 2 separate products totaling 5:18:01 hours of teaching, stories and Hypnotic Meditations featuring the relaxing and soothing voice of Mark J. Ryan (PLUS many bonuses)

  1. Power Positions of the mind ( 1 teaching video 53:53 long  and one Hypnotic meditation 43:31 long)
  2. Timeless Forgiveness and Love ( 6 Audios of teaching and Meditation 3:40:37 )


Buy the DVD and get the downloads free!

Buy the Downloads Only

Get the downloads only – immediate delivery!

The Secret Meditation: Timeless Forgiveness and Love

People loved The Secret Meditation and asked me to develop something that they could add to what they were experiencing from The Secret Meditation. People are experiencing incredible states of awe and relaxation of stress along with heightened spiritual states of awareness. But they asked for more help in bringing that awareness into their daily lives.

I was already working on my new Forgiveness and Love product, so it was a no brainer to help them bring more Forgiveness and Love through the states they were experiencing.

BUT I also had to create a product that could be used by people even if they had never used The Secret Meditation. After many long months, I developed this program.

What is forgiveness? What is love?

Most definitions of Forgiveness and Love are limited by the human perspective more than a spiritual perspective. Most people have a concept of love that is bound to time. So it depends on a place, a person, an experience, an activity, etc.

In time means it is fleeting and comes and goes. My research on spiritual states was that they were timeless and accessible at any time. The standard definitions of forgiveness and love do not access higher levels of Forgiveness and Love.

Through heavy research and a major health issue I was able to tap into something spectacular. I kept track of what I was doing and was able to duplicate the experience with myself and others. It does require you to work on this as it will flip a lots of your basic ideas about what Forgiveness and Love really is.

Here is what is in the product

The Secret Meditation 2: Timeless Forgiveness and Love (3:40:37)

1-Introduction to Timeless Forgiveness and Love (11  minutes) Gives a basic outline of the course and meanings of Timeless Forgiveness and Love.

2-Meditative Explanation Journey (1:51:12) This is a long Meditation that can be listened to in segments but it is recommended that you put aside the time to listen to the straight through the first time. The it can be listened to again any way you like.

You’ll experience a meditative hypnotic journey that uses teaching and stories and examples of how to see Timeless Forgiveness and Love in a new way. It is meant to be absorbed at a deep level just by listening. I have designed this to be like a good conversation where you learn something new.

When you listen to it again after going through the course it will make much more sense. I have set this course to be recursive which mean that each time you go through Timeless Forgiveness and Love you will get more from it.

3- Perceptual Positions and Increase the Love (37:56) Now you take what you have learned about Power Positions of the mind and the new Definitions of Forgiveness and Love and start to put them together. In the 3rd audio I first have you select a person to go through the process with so you can have an idea of what begins to happen as you take that concept of the person through the Power Positions of the Mind. At a certain point you will feel how you feel about that person shift…sometime dramatically. By the time you go through all the positions you will for sure have a different viewpoint of the person. When this happens…Love is much more readily available and then we begin to Increase the Love you feel in your body.

Once you have the Flexibility with the Power Positions and Increase the Love you will be ready to take these to the Main Meditation of Timeless Forgiveness and Love.

4- Set Up for Main Meditation ( 5 Minutes) This is a quick set up for the Main Meditation. I separated this from the main meditation so that you could go right into the Main Meditation in the future as you take more people, places or things through the process. It is  like transforming lead into gold!

5 – Main Meditation: Timeless Forgiveness and Love  (26:43) So here we take all the pieces we have learned up to this time and put them all together for a tremendously healing experience.

Have you ever felt wronged and wanted to get back to a place of Forgiveness and Love? I am sure if you are a human being you said yes and probably had many examples of hearing “Yes’” in your mind. Well this meditation is your chance to do it quickly and powerfully!

In this incredible meditation you will get a chance to really experience a tremendous shift about how you feel about others, your life, or specific experiences in your life that may have or be causing you suffering. I can promise you that your issue will not ever be the same again after going through this process. I cannot tell you exactly what it will be for you because everyone is different. But I can tell you that I have not taken someone through this process without dramatic positive change. Usually it is a very pleasant feeling in your body, a release in your mind of tension, and a different feeling about the person place or thing that may have caused you suffering. It is truly one of the most amazing processes you will ever go through.

6- Receiving Timeless Forgiveness and Love (28:01) Have you ever felt like you have done something wrong or not the best you should have? And maybe want to seek and feel forgiveness from that person or place or thing…maybe from Spirit?

This meditation is the reverse of the main meditation. While in the first meditation we are looking to Forgive and Love, in this meditation we will do a meditation so you can feel and experience Receiving of Forgiveness and Love.

Sometimes we don’t even know that we are seeking it but even if you have a hint that there might be or you really know you could use it. This is the meditation to let it go.

I remember growing up Catholic and going to confession to ask for forgiveness…and then the feeling of releasing and receiving of the forgiveness. It was powerful! Now I use this process and go directly to Spirit and get an even more prowerful experience of Timeless Forgiveness and Love


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